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Transfer Center Mission

Supports and facilitates dissemination of current transfer information about colleges and universities, promotes student contacts with university admissions representatives, and works in partnership with several programs to boost underrepresented students successful transfer to colleges and universities.

CSU Sacramento Spring Sting April 23, 2015

CSUS is hosting their annual Spring Sting at SCC on April 23rd in the Main Quad from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

What happens at Spring Sting?

–   Meet with Major Advisors from Selected Departments

–   Admission/Transfer Information Provided

– And Much, Much More!!

For Questions Call the Transfer Center at 558-2181


Scholarship for Transfer Students…Read Below

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR TRANSFER STUDENTS The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation launched its application for the  Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, which provides up to $30,000 per year for up to 75 students nationwide who plan to transfer to top 4-year colleges or universities next fall. Encourage your students to apply.  Application deadline:  November 7, 2013.

Source:  American Association of Community Colleges

UC Berkeley’s Molecular Toxicology Major will no longer be offered…

college bound


Beginning fall 2014, undergraduate students interested in specializing in toxicology will be admitted to a Molecular Toxicology emphasis in the department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology (NST).  Re-formulation of a “major” into an “emphasis” has been undertaken to foster a unifying theme in NST programs under an umbrella of metabolic biology, while continuing to allow for distinct interests (emphases). Required courses for graduating with an emphasis in toxicology will remain the same as with the major, but broader elective options will be encouraged. Students declaring before the end of the 2013/2014 academic year will be grandfathered into the major.

college bound

UC TAG Notification Dates……

Did you do a TAG for the UC?  Here are the notification dates: 

The TAG campuses have agreed on the following schedule to release their TAG “decisions” to students. Some campus “decisions” will indicate if the student has been granted or denied the guarantee (those UC TAG campuses that provide a pre-evaluation), while other campus “decisions” will indicate the next steps a student will need to follow to ensure their guarantee, which will come when decisions are released in the spring. Here is the release schedule for this year:

November 1 – UCSB

November 5 – UCI

November 7 – UCSD

November 8 – UCR

November 14 – UCSC

November 15 – UCD & UCM



Sacramento State’s reputation as a welcoming campus for transfer students has gone national. U.S. News & World Report has ranked the University eighth among 1,200 campuses surveyed in the number of transfer students accepted.

The University accepted 3,556 transfer students for the Fall 2011 Semester, the period considered in the survey. Sac State ranks second in the California State University system for transfer student acceptance; CSU Northridge accepted 4,962. Full list:

Ed Mills, associate vice president for Student Affairs, Enrollment and Student Support, cites Sacramento State’s strong partnerships with the Los Rios Community College District – one of the state’s largest community college districts – and several other Northern California community colleges. “We are proud to be able to serve so many transfer students,” Mills says.

The energetic and welcoming presence of Mills and his staff at new-student orientation sessions emphasizes the personal touch that is a Sacramento State hallmark.

Shawn Ryan, who heads the orientation team, says his group of 40 student leaders undergoes considerable training and excels at making new students feel at home. The new students, in turn, “have wonderful things to say” about Sac State’s welcoming atmosphere.

Mills maintains that personal connection with students as he helps them successfully transition to university life. Vice President for Planning, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Lori Varlotta lauds him for “working tirelessly to maintain access to Sacramento State to as many students as possible, even in financially challenging times.”

For more information on admissions and student services, visit For media assistance, contact Sacramento State’s Public Affairs office at (916) 278-6156.


Writer: Alan Miller,, (916) 278-2776

News Director: Kim Nava,, (916) 278-4016

Visit our Newsroom:

Find a speaker or expert: University Experts Guide,

UC TAGs…..Sept 1 – Sept 30 is the time to write your TAG

If you have completed at least 30 UC transferable units and will have completed 60 UC transferable units by the end of spring and would like to apply to a UC, you may qualify for a TAG, Transfer Agreement Guarantee.

1. How do I know if I qualify?

Visit the matrix,, and see the GPA requirements for each school

2.  Can I write more than one TAG?

No, you can only write one TAG.  But you can still apply to several UC’s.

3.  If I do a TAG, do I still need to do the application?

Yes.  You need to complete the application between November 1 – November 30th

4.  Are the requirements for the TAG the same for all schools? 

No.  See the matrix for the requirements.

5.  Where do I go to complete the TAG?

6.  What do I do once I complete the TAG?

You submit the TAG and it is sent to a counselor at SCC.  A counselor will review it and if there is anything missing will contact you.

7.  What are the most common things done incorrectly on the TAG?

Students don’t list ALL courses, this includes W’s, I’s, Repeats, etc.  Students don’t explain gaps in education. 

8.  What do I do if I am not sure about what I am doing?

See a SCC Counselor.  Attend a TAG workshop with the UC Rep,


UC Waitlist??


All campuses, except Merced and possibly Berkeley, will use waitlists for their freshman pools. Davis, Irvine and San Diego will have a transfer waitlist, and Riverside will have a transfer waitlist for a small population of applicants. Santa Barbara is considering the option for transfers.

What students need to know:

  • They might receive waitlist offers from more than one campus. Students can be on more than one waitlist, but they will only be allowed to accept one offer for admission. Waitlist offers will be made by the end of March for freshman applicants and the end of April for transfers.
  • Once offered a spot on a waitlist, students must opt in by the stated deadline. Instructions for doing so will be included with the waitlist notification.
    • Transfers
      • Waitlist offers will be made by the end of April.
      • The waitlist opt-in deadline is May 15 (for the participating campuses: Davis, Irvine and San Diego) .
  • Waitlist notification status will be made no later than July 1.
  • 1. UC campuses strictly adhere to all stated deadlines.
  • 2. Even if they accept a waitlist offer at a UC campus (or several), students should submit a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by the stated deadline to a UC campus, or other institution to which they have been accepted, to ensure they have a place to attend in the fall. If they later accept an offer of admission from a UC campus where they have been waitlisted, they will forfeit their deposit at the first campus and must submit an additional SIR and enrollment deposit.
  • 3. UC Santa Barbara will send preliminary financial aid awards to students who opt in to the waitlist. UCLA and UC San Diego will provide financial aid awards once students are admitted from the waitlist.  For all other campuses, preliminary awards will be sent at the time students are notified of waitlist offers.
  • 4. SIRs of waitlisted students will be considered on time for purposes of housing and orientation, provided they are submitted by the deadline stated in the offer of admission.
  • 5. California applicants who are guaranteed admission through ELC or the statewide admission index, and don’t receive an admission offer from any campus to which they applied, will be in the referral pool even if they are on the waitlist at another campus.
  • 6. Campuses will still consider appeals received by the deadlines specified below. Applicants who feel they have grounds for an appeal should submit one, but they should keep in mind that the purpose of the appeal process is to address compelling new information or correct a possible oversight in the initial review. Students cannot appeal for a spot on the waitlist.
    • ****Transfer appeal deadline: May 15 (before May 15 for Santa Cruz)

UC Update!!!

Admission decisions

A few UC campuses already have started sending out freshman admission decisions on a rolling basis, with other campuses soon to follow.  Below is a list of admissions decision release dates by campus for both freshmen and transfers.  Please note that these dates may be subject to change:


  Freshman Transfer
Berkeley 3/28 4/26
Davis 3/15 4/19
Irvine first week Feb. rolling first week March rolling
Los Angeles 3/22 4/19
Merced 2/15 rolling 3/01 rolling
Riverside 2/01 rolling 3/01 rolling
San Diego 3/16 3/16 rolling
Santa Barbara 3/19 3/19 rolling
Santa Cruz 3/15 3/17 rolling